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    FACTOR10 co-creates a better future
    A partnership with FACTOR10 gives access to global tech entrepreneurs
    and tech ecosystem to build and co-create truly disruptive business models.
    From ideation to scaling the business.
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    Work with Experienced Tech Entrepreneurs
    Our solution to speed-up digitalization
    and innovation power. Their profile:
    • Experts for digital business models and technologies
    • because they founded such companies themselves
    • Track record of successfully building a digital company
    • Outstanding international reputation
    • Excellent global business knowledge
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    Building & Executing Digital Business with you
    Our experienced team builds new digital businesses
    with an entrepreneurial approach in a partnership
    • Transition an established company into the
    • digital age – fast, sustainable and NOW
    • Find the right talent
    • Find the right idea with successfull business model
    • Create internal and external commitment
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    We Position you at the Forefront of the Market
    Our technical and operations team provides
    state of the art IT & Digital Services
    • Analyze & optimize current digital/tech strategy & infrastructure
    • Tech development (MVPs, Platforms)

Combining the strengths of large established companies with the speed of startups and our digital expertise to shape the economic future.

The Problem

Established companies are in a struggle to regain or hold global leadership positions in markets completely changing through digital transformation.

Our Service

There are several execution strategies outside of your organization – we understand and lead the whole spectrum.

About FACTOR10

We have profound entrepreneurial experience, take co-accountability in the digital transformation & jointly prepare our customers for the challenges ahead.

What others say

"We live in a time when digitalization requires traditional rules of business and societal engagement to be rethought and, in many cases, redefined.

FACTOR10 plays an important role in realizing the need to establish ecosystem collaboration among corporates and start-ups – not only within their respective sectors, but also cross-industry – by designing learning experiences around emerging technologies in order to shift the mindset of the key stakeholders.

I strongly believe in FACTOR10’s mission to accelerate the digital transformation in Europe, which is why I advise and support the team on its journey."

Bruce Weinelt

Head of Digital Transformation
Member of the Leadership Team
World Economic Forum